HungHau Holdings invests and holds different potential businesses with sustainable development in different fields of Agricultural; Energy; Education; Food and Industry. HungHau Holdings constantly strives to create the best products and services for its customers. 

With a long-term and consistent vision, HungHau Holdings aims to provide quality, safe products that are associated with the responsibility of contributing to the sustainable development of our society. 

HungHau Holdings focuses on developing six strategic objectives:

  • HungHau Agricultural
  • HungHau Industry
  • HungHau Technology
  • HungHau Energy
  • HungHau Education
  • HungHau Foods


With enthusiasm and aspiration to conquer new heights, HungHau Holdings is determined to pursue its mission goals:

  • Contribute to change Vietnam’s agriculture towards modernity.
  • Bring the best benefits to all shareholders, partners and employees of HungHau Holdings.

To achieve the above goals, HungHau Holdings understands that: to associate and cooperate with prestigious companies and organizations to jointly develop sustainably.


The Meaning of Our Logo

HungHau logo is a symbol of solidarity, unification, all-together for our sustainable development.

The Meaning of the main colors

  • Blue: represents the sea
  • Green: the color of life

The combination of blue and green brings friendliness, openness and faith in the coming future.


Trust your choices.

Brand’s trait

The logo aims to highlight the values that HungHau is looking for in the future: trust, professionalism, openness and the spirit of progress towards sustainable development.