Recruitment policy

“Mind – Vision – Talent are considered to be the most important criterias when recruiting, training and development personnel in Hunghau Holdings. 

3C: “Creativity  Core – Connect” aims to create creativity as well as connect the core values of the people that make up the company.

Training policy

Hunghau Holdings concentrateon the training and improvement of quality for staffs and employees, creating a friendly working environment with sharing benefits and continuous improvement. 

Training policy

To help new employees quickly integrate into the HungHau Holdings environment through the knowledge of:

Company culture
Overview of the history of formation, corporate culture, operational processes.

Policies & rights
The policies and benefits that the company has for employees…

Share of the Board
Board of Leaders shares their orientation of management and development strategy of the company in the next years.

Skill and profession development program

Train and support staff in skill and profession development.

Working skills
Planning skills; Skills in using information technology systems.

Linked programs
Linked with the HEDU Education System, including: Van Hien University, Van Xuan Technology College, Van Hanh Medical School, Van Tuong Intermediate School, Au Lac Intermediate School – Hue.

Program to improve the profession of staffs
Staffs are supported in continuing to improve to the profession to Masters and PhD.