HungHau proud to build a corporate culture with unique identity and individuality, towards professionalism. HungHau culture is characterized by humanity, affection, discipline; is built and fostered by the wisdom and creativity of groups of leaders and staffs.

Hung Hau culture is well received, preserved, built and promoted over time by the generations as a precious asset, including:

  • HarmonyConsensus on completing goals – Building individual’s benefits bases on the whole group’s. Ready to share, to unite for our vision in order to create unification and strength, becoming successful, victorious individuals and the whole group.
  • HouseEach employee is a member of HungHau House. Each individual has the responsibility to complete themselves with qualities, morality, profession and support other colleagues to create success for HungHau House.
  • HeartEach member of the HungHau House has a sincere heart, which is capable of loving and sharing difficulties with our society community, contributing into the stable development of our country.


  • We specify the basic rule for our development in future, that must be be able to bring a stable and peaceful life to all of our members, create an encouraging source for all of our members to dedicate, contribute and share the result based on the principle of harmony and equality.
  • Beside of our business development, HungHau does not stop caring for the community, showing responsibility for the society, keeping on improving lives.
  • HungHau strives to build a value chain for the Vietnamese through the authentic quality of our food products which are distributed throughout the country.


  • Contribute to the development and modernization of the Agricultural of Vietnam.
  • Customer-centric, for the benefits of our customers. Provide quality products and services with a professional, effective and convenient distribution system. Timely response to the needs of our customers.
  • Always pay attention and develop the human resources in-place to build our succession team; sharing benefits and keeping on moving forward.
  • Share the prosperity with our Shareholders towards consensus and unification in the strategies for economic development.