Qualifying for the Hunghau Cup 2017: Beautiful moments

On the 26th of August, 2017, at the 616 Au Co sports ground, Hunghau Cup 2017 qualifiers were very exciting, attracting the participation of many members of Holdings as well as the observing of many students. 

With a one-time round-robin format, the teams devoted their time to playing the game with many quality passings just like professional soccer players. 

After 6 games in two mornings, the HHF + HHB team (HungHau Food Company + HungHau Beverage Company + HungHau Vegetable Company + Nha Man Company), with strong and beautiful kicks. The fan base and supporters were invested with overwhelming cheer tools defeated the HungHau Fisheries Company + Wind Refrigeration Company to enter the final round. The final round will be held on September 16th in TeamBuilding Creativity CoreConnect 2017 in Da Lat. 

At 17h on the same day, BTC ended the qualifiers in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. 

Review the results of the matches and images of the 2018 HungHau Cup qualifiers: