Van Hien University accompanies the “Test-Season Support 2018” in Ho Chi Minh City

Only in a few days, all the nation’s high school graduates will enter the national high school exam from June 25th to 27th. This year, Van Hien University honored to cooperate with HODZO water brand in co-operation with HCM City Youth Union in the program “Test-Season Support 2018 

Water is one of the sources of energy for contestants, parents in the days of stress, anxiety and especially in the summer air of June. With 10,000 bottles of Test-Season Support” HODZO water, Van Hien University and HungHau Holdings contributed part of their strength, encouraging the spirit of the contestants to reach for success results. 

The bottles of HODZO water were transferred to the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union. 

Beginning in 1996, over 22 years of implementation, the “Test-season Support” Program has brought a lot of practical value in helping candidates enter one of the most important exams for their future, A new direction in their life.

HODZO water bottle with Van Hien University tag

Not only with the water, this year, Van Hien University is directly responsible for the examination. As a result, the students who take part in the competition will also be present at all the test sites. Up to now, all the preparatory stages have been relatively complete, Van Hien students have been ready for the initiation, providing the best support for the contestants, parents to have more peace of mind. In the 2017 season, the Van Hien “Test-season Support Team has left a lot of strong markers with practical and timely activities. Wish this year’s program of the Youth Union in particular and Van Hien University in general to be successful. 

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