Teambuilding Hung Hau Hung House 2017: The connection of meaning and warmth of Hung Hau in the land of thousand flowers.

Departing from the morning of the 15th and ending on the evening of 17/09/2017, the journey of 3 days and 2 nights together in Dalat Flower City of more than 700 members of Hung Hau House has ended in a relaxed feeling and prepare a fresh source of energy for further advances. 

With the theme “Creativity CoreConnect – Creation of Core Value Connections”, this year’s Teambuilding takes place with a variety of cohesive activities, while also spending a lot of time relaxing and recharging the members after one year of work. Activities in the program include: HungHau Sports Festival, HinH marathon contest, photo contest “Creative – Connecting core values”, visiting Da Lat flower city,…and the most special event is the Gala Dinner – the time to relax together and receive valuable gifts. 

As soon as we arrived in Dalat, the HungHau people started to participate and cheer for the final of the HungHau Sports Festival 2017 with football and volleyball to find out the champions. 

HungHau Sports Festival took place on the afternoon of Sep. 15th with the participation and encouragement of the HungHau People. 
HungHau Sports Festival took place on the afternoon of Sep. 15th with the participation and encouragement of the HungHau People. 

As part of the HungHau House 2017 program, the “HinH” Marathon is one of the most exciting and meaningful activities for “The HungHau People“, which brings a memorable Teambuilding for members of HungHau House with pictures of family members hand in hand toward the destination. 

Members are excited to participate in the marathon 


Hand in hand heading forward and overcome obstacles leaving many emotions for the participants
Crossing the obstacle
Co-ordination between members of the family 

Nevertheless is the Gala Dinner at the Terracotta Resort on Sep. 16th. The Gala is honored to welcome the guests: Pham S – Vice Chairman of Lam Dong People’s Committee, Ton Thien Sang – Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Lam Dong Province. Da Lat, Le Trong Tuan – Vice President of Bao Loc City and all members participated in Teambuiding this year. 

Gala night opens with “Hung Hau News 365 days of moving” reviewing 10 outstanding events in financial year of 2017. Shortly after, President Tran Van Hau made the opening speech, and invited the board to be on stage for champagne opening ceremony. 

The atmosphere is warm and cheerful with the “home-grown” repertoire from the members of the “HungHau’s Got Talent”. 

On this occasion, HungHau Holdings also donated 37 gifts, including 2 gold SJC 9999, 3 Iphone X, 2 Iphone 8, 4 Samsung J7 Prime, 6 gold SJC 9999 and 20 HappyFood voucher worth 1 million VND for the most fortunate member through the random number event. 

With the landscape and services at the resort, staffs have more time to enjoy, relax and record meaningful moments together. Teambuilding Organization has spent a lot of time bringing members of HungHau House to visit famous places in Da Lat such as: Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Da Lat Market, Golden Valley Resort, … 

After the trip, Mr. Tran Van Hau – Chairman HungHau Holdings has made a deep and friendly sharing: 

“We are happy to welcome you, teachers, brothers and sisters to come home safe after the meeting with the Hung Hau family in Dalat. 

On behalf of Hung Hau House, once again, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you, my teachers, my siblings and your family for participating in the enthusiasm and demonstration of the HungHau People through activities of teambuilding MyH18, CCC. 

With the theme for the 2018 fiscal year: CCC “Creative – Connecting Core Values” is: 

Focus on creativity based on the wisdom of the HungHau people, linking the core values ​​from the Blocks to create high intellectual products. The high intellectual products will create high value surplus and this is the foundation for the stable and sustainable development of HungHau Holdings. 
Invest in yourself and invest in future generations to promote and perfect existing shortcomings. 
Accept change and embrace the challenge to keep pace with the development of the world around you. 
We wish to continue to strive for success in every department, unit, unit, unit and HungHau Holdings.
And we will happily greet each other at the closing ceremony of 2017 and see myH18 with more fun and indispensable gifts, the value HungHau.