Looking back at Teambuilding HungHau House 2018: Speed ​​Up 3.6

Nearly 700 members of HungHau House experienced the excitement through a teambuilding trip in Phan Thiet City with many activities to refine the connections between each other and create motivation and excitement for the next financial year 2019. 

With the theme of “Speed ​​Up 3.6″, the teambuilding of HungHau House 2018 has many challenging activities, both physically and intellectually, helping each member to explore themselves and join together to overcome each challenge; At the same time it brought the most relaxing and comfortable moments for the whole corporation. 

Starting on the morning of September 13th, the convoy began their journey to speed up to the coastal city of Phan Thiet. At this time in Phan Thiet, leaders of HungHau Holdings (departed 01 day ago) held an important conference Investment Roadshow to seek for investment ideas to develop HungHau’s ecosystem in 2019. 

The “Investment Roadshow” conference of the HungHau Holdings Board on the morning of September 13th 
Members arrived at the Sea Links Hotel on the afternoon of September 13th 

As soon as the convoy arrived and settled down at the resort, the members of the HungHau family began to “speed up” with the final match of the Hunghau Football League Cup 2018. The champion of the men’s championship is Van Hien University and the champion of the women’s championship is the Alliance of HHO and HHC. 

Two men’s football teams are: Van Hien University (green) and the Alliance Food & Distribution (red shirt).
The regret of the women’s soccer team Van Hien University when unfortunately lost in the penalty shootout against the Alliance of HHO & Investment  Consumption. 
However, the whole team of teachers – staffs of Van Hien University is still very solid and united when they defeated eight other men’s and women’s teams to be presented at the 2018 HungHau League Cup final. 
In addition to the activities for adults, event for children and families was also warmly organized through “HungHau Junior Dream Up” event for hundreds of children are members of small families belonging to the house of HungHau. 
The children enjoyed magic shows, clowns and entertaining games. 
This is considered as an activity for the future HungHau generation, helping the children to have fun environment with family.

On the morning of September 14th, the collective challenge of strength took place under the rather shining sun of Phan Thiet. However, with the united spirit, people have joined together in this activity and created the results which are beautiful pictures and footage showing the focus target of MyH19. 

The teambuiding games are also the response of a large number of participants. The members of HungHau House participated very well and successfully completed all the challenges presented by the program. With the heat and enthusiasm of each person, each team plays a distinctive role in creating a perfect competing event, affirming the spirit of solidarity and mutual love between members. The games gave members the opportunity to demonstrate solidarity, leadership skills, organization, planning skillswith the usage of intellect, persistence, ingenuity to overcome challenges with the meaning of joining hands for HungHau.

Wisdom – Confidence – Dedication – Concentration – Acceleration – All wins! 

These are also the values ​​of human development thaHungHau is aiming for in financial year 2019.

The highlight of the trip wass the Gala Dinner, the moment the HungHau people to sit down together and to set the directions and enjoy entertainment space with their families. 

In the opening speech of the Gala night, Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam – CEO of HungHau Holdings said: “… Accelerating in business and in life to create more value through learning and application of technology, etc. The world has revolutionized the 4.0, but in HungHau we have close proximity of 3.6. Number 3.6 also represents the meaning of the three core values ​​and 06 blocks of HungHau Holdings.” 

The Board of Directors committed on acting and sending thanks to the HungHau in the Gala night.
Gala night also brought many special items and many lucky draw gifts. 
The joy of everyone at the Gala Dinner 

Some sharing after the teambuiding this year, most HungHau people feel very happy, excited, meaningful and professional in each stage of the event. 

On the many personal facebook pages, many HungHau people share photos and feelings after the trip. It seems that their energy has been filled up for the MyH19 plan! 

Let’s review some nice moments to embark on the new “Speed ​​Up 3.6″!

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