Recruitment process


Step 1: CV scanning and selection

We scan all the CVs received and select the suitable ones based on the job descriptions and application deadlines for further steps.

Step 2: interview

There are usually 2 rounds of interviewing, one for academic evaluation and the other one for soft skill testing. There may be another round, which is a discussion of human resources and business strategies and applicable for managing and/or importation positions.

Step 3: recruitment

If the applicant is selected after the final interview, he/she will receive an offer letter in 5 working days.


- Average interview duration: 45 to 90 minutes
- We undertake to keep the applicants' information confidential.
- The interview result is announced in 5 working days.

Contact: HR Department - HungHau Holdings


Tel: (+84) 08 39 77 0333 - Ext: 158