Training and self development opportunities

HungHau aims at becoming a multi-industry corporation in Vietnam. Therefore, the HR selection, training and development process is one of the most important strategies of us. We intentionally recruit the employees who are experienced, highly educated, well-behaved and suitable to the company culture. We organize internal and external training courses for staff to enhance their skills and knowledge annually. For newly-joined staff, the company arranges them to learn from the experienced personnels. At the end of each year, the employees are evaluated by their direct managers. From these results, the board of managers can discuss with them about their strengths and weaknesses and review their career goals so that they can improve their performance and indicate the suitable working orientation for the following year. The HR Department will acknowledge the effectiveness of each employee to make salary review and promotion.


Promotion opportunities

HungHau prefers to promote dynamic and enthusiastic staff to be in charge of management roles. After appointing, the firm continues to follow the progress of the assigned personnels for further guidance and promotion because building and developing the team is one of the most concentrated tasks from establishment.

Friendly and professional working environment

The working environment at HungHau is based on sharing experiences, skills and aspirations as if we were family members. Besides internal linkage, HungHau organizes CSR programs to share with the community.
Salary and benefit system includes:
- Salary based on ability
- Social, medical and accident insurance as government policy
- 13th month salary
- Bonus based on working effectiveness quarterly
- Bonus for excellent personnels and teams
- Bonus on public holidays
- Eligible to join entertaining activities and annual company vacation
- Uniform, lunch provided
- Fuel and housing expenses supported partially