Corporate culture


HungHau is proud to create a corporate culture with our own characteristics and personalities. Our culture emphasizes the humanity, warmth, and discipline built from intelligence and creativeness of the entire leaders, managers, and staffs.

HungHau culture has been got, preserved, built, and developed through time, considering it as a valuable property, including:

  • Harmony - Agreement for accomplishment - People of HungHau establish the personal benefits based on the advantages for the whole team. We are willing to share and devote each other ability to creating unity and strength to overcome challenges.
  • House – A member of HungHau House – Each person is responsible for improving themselves in morality and professional skills and supporting their colleagues to create the success of HungHau House.
  • Heart - Intellect, dedication, responsibility - People of HungHau try their best to indicate the personal values through the responsibility and thoughtfulness to pursue and accomplish the assigned tasks


  • HungHau - quality for life
  • HungHau attempts to create a Vietnamese value chain for Vietnamese people through the high-quality food distributed nationwide.


  • Contribute to the development and modernity of Vietnamese agriculture
  • Focus on the customers, for the benefits of the customers by supplying high-quality products and services with the modern, effective and convenient distributing system, timely meeting the essential demands of customers
  • Always take care and develop the human resources to build the next staff generation, sharing and moving forward together
  • Share the prosperousness with the shareholders towards to the agreement in the strategies of economic development