Company information



HungHau Development Corporation (trading name: HungHau Holdings) is a professional, experienced corporate in Agriculture, Distribution, and Education.

In our establishment and development process, we keep up our attempt to provide the best products and services to our customers. In the forthcoming time, HungHau determines to provide high-quality agricultural products, contributing to the modernization of agriculture based on high technology application; and invest in distribution and education.

  • HHA - HungHau Agriculture
  • HHD - HungHau Distribution
  • HHE - HungHau Education


With the enthusiasm and ambition to achieve higher goals, HungHau determines on following our visionary targets as follows:

  • Changing the Vietnamese agriculture towards modernization
  • Bringing the best benefits to the shareholders, partners, and staffs of HungHau Holdings

To achieve the above goals, HungHau understands that the company has to collaborate and connect to other qualified and prestige organizations for the sustainable development.


Logo meaning

HungHau logo is the symbol of solidarity, strong connection, and sustainable development.

Theme color meaning

  • Blue for the ocean
  • Green for the beautiful life

The combination of blue and green in the logo brings the friendliness, open, liveliness and belief for future.


Trust your choices.

Brand personality

The logo emphasizes the highlighted values of HungHau in the upcoming time, i.e. trustworthiness, professionalism, open and sustainable development.